Artwork Guidelines

When supplying graphics such as images and logos for reproduction please ensure the following guidelines are followed.

New Uploaded Logos
For EACH new logo that is uploaded the customer will be charged a NEW artwork setup. Please ensure that you only upload each logo ONCE otherwise you will be charged for multiple setups. Alternatively you can use the 'EDIT' option in the shopping cart to remove multiple setup charges.

Please ensure your artwork is of a good quality as any low resolution files will not reproduce well. A guideline to work to is for images to be 300dpi CMYK and saved at no less than 1/8 of final reproduction size. Please do not pull images or logos from websites as they will be saved at screen resolution (72dpi). Low resolution logos that have to be re-created will incur an additional charge for artwork time at £20 per hour.

When supplying files for output, please state any pantone references where possible if needed for us to match as closely as possible. Cheshire Work & Leisure Wear Ltd cannot be held responsible for any mis-match of colours where references have not been supplied. All files supplied should be in CMYK format. Reproduction of RGB formats through a CMYK process may result in unexpected colour issues. We encourage clients to supply hi-resolution proofs where possible or samples.

Please note: specified colours may also differ very slightly between processes and materials.

We accept many file formats, please follow these guidelines as close as possible to minimise any artwork time on your behalf.

Jpeg / Photoshop EPS / TIFF
Please ensure resolution guidelines above are followed

Adobe Illustrator EPS / AI
Please supply any placed images and fonts, alternatively you can embed the images (via the sub menu in the links pallet) and outline any text within the document.

When supplying a pdf for final reproduction, please ensure it is saved in CMYK format without any image compression, as any down sampled images within the document will re-produce at a lower quality. Outline fonts if possible and make sure fonts are embedded when creating the pdf.

Corel Draw / Freehand
Please export any files as .eps format, also ensure text is outlined

Vector - Illustrator EPS / AI / Freehand / Corel Draw
Vector format is the preferred format for the supply of logos as files can be reproduced at any size without distortion of quality. Any artwork to be cut in vinyl will also need to be supplied in vector format. Please ensure type is outlined and any colours are specified where applicable.

Supplying Text
Please supply any text as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel files

Unacceptable Formats
We cannot work with any of the following formats
Microsoft Publisher

Please do not backsave any files to previous software releases as it can sometimes disable any effects which are not available in current software versions. Cheshire Work & Leisure Wear Ltd run the latest versions of many software packages including Adobe CS5

Compressed Files
Cheshire Work & Leisure Wear Ltd can accept the following compression formats .ZIP / .RAR

Cheshire Work & Leisure Wear Ltd accepts the following font formats
Postscript Type 1 - Please ensure both Screen font and Printer font files are included.
If you are supplying fonts via email, we advise you to compress them using one of the above formats
to reduce any corruption that may occur in transit.

If required Cheshire Work & Leisure Wear Ltd can also scan supplied artwork, please ensure any artwork is clean and of a high quality.

Delivery of Files
Files under 10mb can be emailed directly to our studio at
There are many free online facilities for uploading large files such as Alternatively artwork is accepted on disc, posted to our office address, we accept CDR and DVD-R formats. If you have any questions regarding the above please call on 01270 588200.
Please remember, the final quality of graphics supplied by Cheshire Work & Leisure Wear Ltd depends entirely on the information and quality supplied by the client. We have an artworking team to help meet your requirements if needed. By following these guidelines we can offer a quicker, more efficient service to our clients.

Thank You in advance for your co-operation.